Russell Scibetti, our VP of Product Strategy, recently did an interview for the inaugual issue of SEAT Global Magazine, a digital publication produced in partnership between the SEAT Conference and FCBusiness Magazine.

Click here to view the magazine and Russell’s interview which appears on page 18.

Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

Why is CRM important to sports teams and leagues?

There’s nothing more important in sport than managing the relationship with fans and partners. Sport is a passion and data driven product so everything you learn about your customers’ needs, whether it’s about how a particular partner’s business aligns with the needs of your fans or how your fans’ history aligns with the team, it allows you to make strategic decisions. But it’s key to make sure all your business processes are aligned to collect that information, analyse it and then take action on that information. Since CRM platforms are where your front line staff tends to live every day, through all of their interactions with your constituents, it’s really important to have all that information actionable and at their fingertips.