At last fall’s Tableau Conference, our VP of Product Strategy had a chance to sit down and talk about how our customers benefit from the partnership between KORE Software and Tableau’s data visualization products. Here is a small snippet of the interview, and you can click on the image below to view the entire video and read the full interview.

Tableau: What’s happening with the data professional sporting organizations collect today?
Russell Scibetti, Vice President of Product Strategy: Sports right now is undergoing a bit of a data revolution in terms of the volume of data every team is collecting, the amount of resources that they’re putting behind, more analysts, more technology platforms. It’s really a tremendous opportunity.

Tableau: Who uses KORE software?
Russell: KORE has had a lot of success in the professional sports arena. At this point, more than half of the professional sports teams in North America use one or more of our products.

Tableau: What does KORE software do?
Russell: So our software comes into play to help them manage those relationships. Everything from nurturing fans, from being a single-game buyer all the way to a full season ticket holder. And managing the relationship for corporate partners.

Tableau: Where does Tableau fit into your services?
Russell: Our application runs in the cloud. And so as an OEM partner of Tableau, we run our own OEM Tableau Server that is multi-site, supports all of our different customers inside of a single cloud software product.

Tableau: Which Tableau visualizations are working the best for you?
Russell: We’ve got several popular visualizations that our customers like to use. On the ticketing side, we provide interactive maps that allow customers and our teams to compare different audiences of ticket buyers. Let me see the distribution of our season ticket holders compared to our single-game buyers.