Highlights from our Q1 Product Update

If you’re a KORE customer, hopefully you attended last month’s webinar where were reviewed the KORE ProSports 11.5 release in detail. Just in case, however, we thought we’d share some of the highlights here to make sure you start taking advantage of these new items.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Compatibility (All KORE ProSports™ Application)

Each of the KORE ProSports™ products have been tested and our solution files have been updated for compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online). With more and more of our Dynamics customers moving to the cloud, we know this compatibility is key to your long-term success.

New Tableau Dashboards and Data Sources (KORE ProSports™ Ticketing and Sponsorship)

Between the KORE ProSports™ Ticketing and Sponsorship products, we rolled out more than 35 new reports and dashboards that you can start taking advantage of. Here is a sampling:

KORE Software Dashboard - Activation Progress
KORE Software Dashboard - Activation Progress

KORE Software Dashboard - Summary Dashboard
KORE Software Dashboard - Summary Dashboard

KORE Software Dashboard - Renewable Deals
KORE Software Dashboard - Renewable Deals

Region Specific Exclusivity Tracking (KORE ProSports™ Sponsorship)

We introduced a new Region structure allowing you to easily differentiate geographic exclusivities based on any level of detail desired. By designing regions in a hierarchy-style structure, you can assign any specific regions to the exclusivity section of a Deal Sheet and automatically include all relevant child regions as well.

A Streamlined Service Console™ (KORE ProSports™ Sponsorship)

Our long-standing Service Console™ has undergone a full redesign, making it compatible with all browsers on all devices. The new Service Console™ has improved performance and ease-of-use while maintaining the activation tracking functionality of the original version and introducing improved task management tracking around fulfillment of assets.

Premium Venue Visualizer™ Improvements (KORE ProSports™ Suites & Premium)

This release features several changes to our Venue Visualizer™ capabilities, including items like:

  • Full support for PSL inventory
  • Price range searching by fee type
  • Custom color coding rules by sale type and sub-type
  • Mouse-over price breakdown of suites and seat locations

We hope you’re ready for this new functionality as we’re hard at work on the 12.0 (Q2) release.

If you’re a customer and have any questions about these items or other new features, please reach out to your success manager.