Originally founded in February 2002 by Todd Cusolle and Matthew Sebal as KORE Interactive, a consulting firm that built custom business software for enterprises throughout the world. While working with a number of its Sports and Entertainment customers KORE discovered a massive unserved market for business management software. In January 2012, to efficiently address this untapped market the newly renamed company, KORE Software, launched a subscription-based suite of products called KORE ProSports™. This industry-specific software transforms off-the-shelf CRM software such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.com into a complete end-to-end sales, marketing, and operations platform.

Over the years, KORE has become the leader in software for the Sports, Media and Entertainment industry, having created proven products for key organizations that market radio, television, sports sponsorships, digital signage, publications, online advertising and ticketed events.

KORE’s customers span the entire Sports, Media and Entertainment industry, and includes over 100 Professional and College Sports organizations who consider KORE’s software products to be the de facto industry standard. In fact, KORE Software handles over 40% of the total dollars spent on sports sponsorships in North America.

KORE Trivia

What’s the most exotic place KORE’s software has ever been used? It was deployed in-person by KORE staff on an undeveloped desert island in the Persian Gulf which did not have internet access – all to support a one-evening event for the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi with Lionel Richie performing!

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