Finally, software that tackles all angles of your media business – you can even sell a tweet!

KORE MediaPitch™ is the media & entertainment industry’s leading platform for transforming a generic customer relationship management (CRM) system into a media sales powerhouse – giving you the power to handle traditional media and any type of new media. First KORE revolutionized the sports sponsorship business – and now, the rest of the media industry can leverage the same tools used by the biggest brands on the planet.

KORE MediaPitch™ is unique software that helps organizations in the business of selling media for radio, television, digital signage, print publications, e-publications, online advertising and events achieve maximum performance.

Features and Benefits of KORE MediaPitch™

Out-of-the-box customer relationship management (CRM) systems present large gaps in functionality and difficulties in adoption for the media industry. On the other hand, crafting a custom system is an expensive and risky undertaking that will, at best, reinvent the wheel. Why not take the proven path – one that’s already working for the world’s most successful media businesses? KORE goes far beyond out-of-the-box CRM and provides media organizations with all this:

For the Sales Team

  • PitchWizard™: A step-by-step tool which allows your sales team to view inventory rate cards and availability, select desired items, and generate a visually compelling proposal – in PowerPoint. At the appropriate point in the sales cycle, the tool will collect all the information required to contract the sale – everything from the name of the legal entity to the billing schedule and trafficking notes.
  • Pipeline Dashboard: Sales team members see the same personal real-time performance metrics that their management sees, keeping everyone on the same page.
  • One-Stop Shopping: Eliminate jumping back and forth from a CRM system to a sales order system – everything is available in one place. For example, in a single proposal you could sell a mix of items as diverse as radio, television, online advertising, print publications, social media promotion and an event title sponsorship – all placed into one unified contract and billing arrangement.

For Sales Management

  • PaceBoard™: Presents a graphical comparison of the pacing and strategy defined to achieve your goals, compared with actual performance. Research in performance science shows that breaking your goal down to smaller segments can at the very least double the chance of achieving that goal.
  • Media Sales Pipeline Dashboard: Get insight not only into how your sales team is performing overall, but also understand if they are selling the right types of inventory.
  • Rate Card Analysis Dashboard: See how your sales compare to your desired rate cards in real-time. Where is the deviation and why? Success requires you to keep a keen eye on rate card attainment during a sales period, not after it is over.
  • Approval Workflow: Whether you have a simple one-step approval process, or sign-off procedures so complex it takes a whole whiteboard to explain, the software will coordinate all of the steps – it even gives the salesperson real-time visibility into where their proposal is in the process.

For Inventory Management

  • Rate Card Management: Keep your rate card information in one central place that is actually used to generate proposals – the sales team will automatically use only the current and correct rates.
  • Inventory Availability: Authoritatively know how much inventory is available, because it’s all stored in one place – you can even tell how much of certain types of inventory are pitched or not pitched.
  • Proposal Template Library: Have all proposals generated by the sales team come from a central template library – this ensures that all pitches are in the approved format with correct descriptions of the included inventory.

For the Legal Department

  • Legal Subsystem: Generate documents once a sale is won without having to reenter data – greatly reducing chance of error while eliminating redundant data entry.
  • Legal Clause Library: Avoid non-standard contract language – all contracts are based upon a library that not only stores your contract boilerplate, but has inventory-specific wording that is automatically inserted when certain items are sold.
  • Document Storage – Scanned and signed originals can be accessed directly from the system alongside all other digital customer data.

For Finance

  • Invoice Scheduling: Simplify the billing process with precise tracking of when each customer’s invoice needs to be generated.
  • Revenue Accrual Reporting: Avoid arbitrary application of discounts or premiums to specific items sold; with KORE’s software every sale will follow consistent rules for revenue allocation 100% of the time.
  • Pass-thru Cost Tracking: Guarantee that pass-thru (hard) costs are fully accounted for in sales and commissions.
  • Trade Tracking: Cleanly separate trade from cash when booking sales. Also keep track of the details on the trade that was accepted.
  • Revenue Recognition Enablement: Recognizing revenue in the media industry is rarely easy, but KORE eliminates the biggest headaches by making trusted data available for revenue recognition analysis.

Optional Add-ons

  • Fulfillment Project Management
  • Trafficking and Proof-of-Play (Affidavit)
  • Financial System Integration (SAP, Oracle, Platinum, Dynamics GP/AX/SL/NV, QuickBooks, NetSuite, Sage)
  • 3rd-Party Media Trafficking and Automation System Integration (ex. WideOrbit, Marketron, Gabriel, DeltaFlex, AudioVault)

All KORE products are multilingual and multi-currency capable.

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