Traffic Your Media in the Same System Where You Sell Your Media

KORE ProSports Media Trafficking™ Module enables you to consistently and confidently execute your sponsorship obligations. From one central place, right within your sponsorship system, you can create trafficking data for radio, television and digital signage. In fact, if you have a Cisco StadiumVision digital signage system, Cisco and KORE have co-developed a standardized integration.

KORE’s trafficking software works in sync with the KORE ProSports Sponsorship™ module, allowing you to quickly and easily create professional proof-of-play affidavits for immediate delivery to customers.

Features of the KORE ProSports Media Trafficking™ module include:

  • Drag-and-drop media traffic manager
  • Seamless access to customer, contract and inventory data
  • Automatic ad-slotting functionality with brand/industry conflict avoidance
  • Content management to efficiently collect, proof and disseminate media
  • Post-run reporting, including proof-of-play affidavits

All KORE products are multilingual and multi-currency capable.

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