Keep Your Most Lucrative and Upscale Offerings Fully Sold – Year After Year

KORE ProSports Suites & Premium™ Sales & Operations Module from KORE gives you the power to score big with your elite customer base by providing polished presentations and contracts specifically geared to the corporate market – not only for suites, but other types of premium seating too.

KORE’s software effectively covers all of the unique complexities associated with premium priced, multi-year, customer relationships – securing and retaining high-end client contracts has never been simpler.
With KORE ProSports Suites™ you can now easily manage large-scale accounts via:

  • Suite DealWizard™
  • Suite Proposal Generator
  • Legal Contract Generator
  • Ticketing System Integration
  • SuiteVisualizer™ Tool
  • Suite Customer Incident-Management Tools

*KORE’s software supports integrations with major ticketing systems including Ticketmaster (host and Archtics), (ProVenue and ProVenueElite), Veritix, Onebox and Paciolan.

All KORE products are multilingual and multi-currency capable.

See How To Maximize Your Highest Profile Sales.