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KORE ProSports Sponsorship™ Module is the global sports industry’s leading platform for transforming a generic customer relationship management (CRM) system into a 360-degree sponsorship inventory, sales, purchase and activation tracking system. Why not adopt the platform that is the not-so-secret weapon that the highest performing organizations in the sports business have been using for years?

KORE’s software gives you the ability to provide your staff with the tools to more effectively buy, sell and manage inventory.

Features and Benefits of KORE ProSports Sponsorship™ for Brands and Agencies

Out-of-the-box customer relationship management (CRM) systems present large gaps in functionality and difficulties in adoption when it comes to sports, media and entertainment partnerships. On the other hand, crafting a custom system is an expensive and risky undertaking that will, at best, reinvent the wheel. Why not take the proven path – one that’s already working for the world’s most successful businesses on the planet? KORE goes far beyond out-of-the-box CRM and provides brand and agencies with all this:

For Buyers

  • DealWizard™: A step-by-step tool which allows your team to enter potential purchases, including all inventory and financial details, options, exclusivities and more, using your own terminology and categorization regardless of who you are buying from.
  • Pipeline Dashboard: Team members see the same personal real-time performance metrics that their management sees, keeping everyone on the same page when it comes to making key purchase decisions
  • One-Stop Shopping: Eliminate jumping back and forth from a CRM system to external systems – everything is available in one place. For example, in a single proposal you could include a mix of items as diverse as radio, television, online advertising, print publications, social media promotion and an event title sponsorship – all placed into one unified contract and billing arrangement.
  • Approval Workflow: Whether you have a simple one-step approval process, or sign-off procedures so complex it takes a whole whiteboard to explain, the software will coordinate all of the steps – it even gives the buyer real-time visibility into where a proposal is in the process.

For Inventory Management

  • Inventory Tracking: One central, streamlined system to manage all of your rights and assets across any number of property partners
  • Rate Management: Understand what properties and assets you are spending your budget with to make sure you are getting the right return for your dollar

For Fulfillment and Execution

  • Activation Tracking: Keep tabs on when and where your contractual assets should be delivered at all times.
  • ServiceConsole™: A visual tool that allows users to track the scheduling and execution of sponsorship assets. In one click you can answer questions like: Who bought this asset for tomorrow’s game? What assets should have been executed by now? What tasks do we need to complete so our partner can fulfill the asset?

For the Legal Department

  • Legal Subsystem: Generate your own documents when entering into any new partnership agreement – greatly reducing chance of error while eliminating redundant data entry.
  • Legal Clause Library: Avoid non-standard contract language – all contracts are based upon a library that not only stores your contract boilerplate, but has inventory-specific wording that is automatically inserted when certain items are sold.
  • Document Storage – Scanned and signed originals can be accessed directly from the system alongside all other digital customer data.

All KORE products are multilingual and multi-currency capable.

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