CHornets_cmykThe Charlotte Hornets pump life back into a dormant CRM system

When Chris Zeppenfeld joined the Charlotte Hornets as Manager of CRM and Analytics in 2009 (at the time they were the Charlotte Bobcats), he was faced with a CRM environment that had low adoption rates and low return. He was tasked with overhauling the system and improving its effectiveness.

Simple is Better

In Chris’ assessment, he discovered a common problem among sub-par CRM environments – the reps had too many decisions to make. When a sales team logs 600,000 phone calls and 200,000 opportunities each year, it’s critical that reps enter data consistently. But when they’re left to determine what data they should enter and when, a messy database is unavoidable. Without clean data, the Hornets couldn’t answer important questions like:

  • How many leads are in the conversation stage?
  • What does our pipeline revenue look like?
  • Why did we win or lose deals?

That’s when KORE and Chris created an intuitive solution to improve reps’ data entry. They merged the call screen and opportunity creation into a singular process. This new process included standardized data entry requirements for each customer interaction which automatically advanced the sale through specific stages of the opportunity.

Chris likens it to an offensive drive in football; “The ‘drive’ is the sales process and each ‘play’ is a step towards closing the deal. No matter where you are in the drive – whether it’s the first play or the last – each play matters and affects the strategy of the following play.”

The new process simplified the rep’s job improving adoption and data integrity. With better data the Hornets could gain new insights and start improving their game.

The year Chris and KORE rolled this new functionality out, the Hornets had their best sales season ever. Soon after several other teams adopted the same functionality which has now become standardized in the KORE ProSports Ticketing™ application.

“Over the seven years I’ve worked with KORE, if I dream up something I want in CRM they have always delivered a solution. Even if it’s never been done before.”
Chris Zeppenfeld, Senior Director of Business Intelligence, Charlotte Hornets

KORE Applications in Use

  • KORE ProSports Ticketing™
  • KORE ProSports Sponsorship™

The Hornets’ Favorite Features

  • Opportunity Phone Call Screen
  • Bi-Directional API Communication
  • Contact Account Structure

Tips from Chris Zeppenfeld

  • Dedicate someone to be your CRM champion and manage the database.
  • Take time to assess your structure, strengths and weaknesses before implementation.

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