st_louis_ramsInvesting in KORE is Like Investing in Your Fan Relationships

Ford Galvin was hired on with the St. Louis Rams just as the team was getting ready to implement KORE Software. Ford had been a longtime proponent of KORE and knew exactly how to get the most out of its functionality to propel his team’s efforts.

Increased Fan Satisfaction = Increased Renewal Rates

KORE ProSports™ has enabled the Rams to step up their game on customer engagement and satisfaction. Creating fan-profile transparency across divisions has been one key to this success. They’ve gone beyond using KORE in their Corporate Partnership and Ticket Sales departments and opened it up to their Community & Civic Affairs, and Marketing & Media Relations departments as well. In this environment, when a fan contacts one of the aforementioned departments a Rams employee can quickly look up the fan’s profile and know exactly who has reached out and how the fan engages with the team (e.g. season ticket holder or casual fan). For the first time the Rams were able to record “negative touchpoints” along with all their other fan-service touchpoints enabling them to solve fan issues and keep the fans engaged.

Another key to their fan-engagement success is KORE’s ability to integrate the NFL Turnkey Surveyor data directly to a fan’s profile. “Having all the survey data fed straight into our CRM and tied to a fan profile is huge. We found direct correlation between renewals and the fan experience, so now we can reach out and directly impact those fans,” said Ford. For example, Ford was able to measure that when fans didn’t know they had a dedicated account rep, they were significantly less likely to renew their season tickets.

With improved access to consumer touchpoint data, Ford has been able to create powerful insights that have a major impact on the Rams’ business. Since their integrations with KORE, the Rams have been able to improve their customer service and renewal rates, and create transparency across the organization.

“KORE’s functionality has allowed us to step up our game relating to customer service and touchpoints. Without KORE, we wouldn’t hitting the season ticket renewal numbers that we do.”
Ford Galvin, Director of Data Management and Business Intelligence, LA Rams

KORE Applications in Use

  • KORE ProSports Ticketing™
  • KORE ProSports Sponsorship™

The Rams’ Most Valued Features

  • Customer touchpoint tracking
  • Fan profiles
  • Integration with Turnkey Surveyor
  • Cloud-based servers

Tips from Ford Galvin

  • Tackle one department at a time. Give your full attention to one vertical before moving on to the next.
  • Don’t overlook training.

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