OKC_Thunder_CMYK PrimaryA Cohesive CRM and Data Warehousing Ecosystem

When it came time for the Oklahoma City Thunder to upgrade their Microsoft Dynamics CRM from version 2011 to 2015, the team had a lot to consider. They invested a substantial amount of money to have a third party develop custom functionality when they initially implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now they would have to reinvest to have that same functionality rebuilt on version 2015.

The Thunder had two other major problems. They had no real-time API with Archtics and there was so much data flowing into Dynamics that the system speed was lagging. Pulling data queries was so difficult that they had to clear out their Eloqua email data every 30 days just to keep the system running.

So when Scott Loft, VP of Ticket Sales, Retention and Database Operations, began searching for solutions, a two things became clear. He wanted a solution with plug-and-play functionality and he wanted a partner who could solve his ticketing, sponsorship and data warehouse needs under one roof.

Building a Single Platform

KORE is the only provider that could meet all of Scott’s needs. KORE’s off-the-shelf functionality supplanted the majority of the customization which the Thunder had previously paid a third party to create. The ticketing, sponsorship and data groups had everything the Thunder needed at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding their custom tool set.

But the solutions didn’t stop there. KORE’s bi-directional API feed between Archtics and Microsoft Dynamics 2015 meant the Thunder got ticketing data quickly and accurately. Additionally, KORE relieved the stress on their data load by storing it on secure, external Amazon web servers. This solved the slow-performance issue. Their CRM system could now run at optimized speeds with better accuracy. Lastly, KORE was able to connect the Eloqua email marketing, food and beverage, TV rating, and merchandise data all through its data warehouse. The Thunder now had a wealth of powerful insights displayed through KORE’s integrated Tableau BI visualization tool.

Scott’s teams are running more efficiently than ever before. Each group uses the same intuitive user interface and shares the same data. This means that not only are the systems talking the same language, but so are the staff members. Further, when an issue occurs, the Thunder has a single company to service it. Finally, they have the ability to generate reports across the entire organization.

“We didn’t just buy KORE’s applications, we bought their team of experts also; we view them as true partners.”
Scott Loft, VP of Ticket Sales, Retention and Database Operations, Oklahoma City Thunder

KORE Applications in Use

  • KORE ProSports Ticketing™
  • KORE ProSports Sponsorship™
  • KORE ProSports DWA: Data Warehouse & Analytics™

Thunder’s Most Valued Features

  • Campaign wizard and sophisticated search functionality
  • Built-in Tableau visualizations for cross-departmental reports
  • Data warehouse integrated with other KORE applications

Tips from Scott Loft

  • Don’t do too much customization. Get the bulk of your functionality right up front.
  • Make sure that you’re properly staffed with people with the right skillsets to be successful.
  • Create clear, defined goals for what the system is supposed to do for you

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